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Three Month View

Operating Plan: 3 Month View

Below is our overview of our first 3 months of operation.


Our initial focus will be on raising the required funds to meet our 2013 budget, which is detailed here.

Survey Trip

In early 2013, a team of 5-6 will travel to Punjab to search for and acquire a 4 bedroom house to launch our first home. Our fundraising activities over the course of the first few weeks of 2013 will determine our ability to purchase, or lease, the house. The plans forthwith are based on the assumption that we will acquire a house.

Experience from previous trips tells us that we should anticipate finding a house in the area(s) we feel would suffice for an Arpana House home in the $40,000 to $50,000 range. We will try to establish a home in a neighborhood that is neither so wealthy so as to cause any immediate stigma of having a home for girls in its midst, nor one that is so poor as to cause concern for safety or compromise the girls’ livelihood in any way. As difficult as it is to draw parallels between our culture and our ways of life, think of this as close to a middle class, slightly urban neighborhood.

Recruiting House Parents

We have a network of dozens of Christian families in the area, through our previous mission endeavors and work to India. Our plan is to recruit a willing family from this group to be our first house parents. This family must share in our ideology that discrimination against women is fundamentally a problem, and that living the Gospel by caring for abandoned girls is an avenue for permanent change.

Establishing a network of professionals

During this trip, we plan to establish a network of professionals we deem necessary for Arpana House to be successful. This list includes a local attorney, a banking relationship, a local accountant or someone capable of analyzing and independently auditing the finances of Arpana House, a person or company we can utilize for maintenance and construction, and if possible, a contact or dignitary within the local government that can help us navigate compliance and regulation issues.

We will also use this network to select and name a local leadership team, consisting of analogous roles of President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. This will allow local Indian parties to interface with an Indian executive team, which we feel will expedite and solidify our endeavors in real estate, banking, construction, government compliance, etc.

“Close” on the first house

We hope to identify and make an offer on the first Arpana House property on our survey trip. We anticipate this to be a lengthy process, much like closing on a house in the United States, and this endeavor may well bleed over into the 6-month operating plan.

Continue organizational development domestically

While Arpana House is off to a great start, resources (time and money) will be required to continually develop the organization here. We hope to attract and hire one employee to manage all of the day- to-day communications locally, with the team in Punjab, and continue to lay the foundations for a long-term organization. During this time, the Executive Team plans to guide the organization and continue to raise funds on a pro bono basis.

We will also continue to lay groundwork for our organization. In the first quarter of 2013, we hope to identify an accounting firm that will guide our endeavors. We will establish our employment practices and procedures. We hope to identify one or more major donors to accompany us on future trips. Summarily, we will use this time to design and build the framework for an organization that can live for generations.