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Six Month View

Operating Plan: 6 Month View

Below is an overview of the operating plan in months 3 through 6

Prepare the first Arpana House for opening

During this time, we will work with the team on the ground in Punjab to complete all renovations, repairs, etc., needed to open. Initially, we plan to house 12 girls and one house parent family.

Identify 12 girls to occupy the home

The question is frequently asked: “Where will you find the girls?” The answer is simply this: there are more abandoned girls in Punjab than we could dream of serving. Our network of Christian families in the area will help us identify the first candidates.

Second survey trip

We plan to coordinate the second trip of the year with the official opening of the house. If the logistics do not work out, this will at least give us an opportunity to be back on the ground to assess the first few weeks of operation.

The general purpose of the second survey trip is to begin our search for a farm. Punjab is a fertile region, giving us the opportunity to produce an abundance of food with the right property. Our vision includes a fully self sustaining farm, with a multi-house campus capable of supporting dozens of abandoned girls. Our team will look for properties in the 20 to 30 acre range, and begin the process of determining the best site for a new campus.

Continue organizational development domestically

The Board and Executive Team will begin the process of raising the necessary funds to meet the 2014 annual budget. We also hope to bring on either a second full time operations person, or migrate one of the Executive Team into a full-time role.

Devise a financial distribution plan

In India, life is day-to-day. Because so many people live on the provisions that they have been afforded on a daily or near-daily basis, many struggle with the idea of a monthly or quarterly budget. It is not within the mission or vision of Arpana House to change Indian culture in this respect. Our goal is simply to be good stewards of the resources granted to our organization, and effectively manage those resources in India.

To that end, we intend to identify a local manager that will help us deliver the operational funds to our house parents and leaders, and who will work with us on a weekly basis to hold our operations accountable to all stakeholders, domestic and Indian alike.

Recruit additional Board members and/or volunteers

At this point, we will have a defined need for expertise in managing childcare organizations, construction, additional fundraising, and building our nonprofit brand. We hope to recruit some of this expertise to the Board, and otherwise hire competent agencies or consultants to fill these needs.

We will also begin looking into the future to identify potential leaders that share in the vision and could take the reins in certain strategic areas of Arpana House’s future development.