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2013 Budget

The proposed 2013 annual budget for Arpana House is detailed below:

Domestic Expenses Foreign Expenses Non-Recurring
Travel2 $55,000 Salary $3,000 Phase 1a: Purchase a House
Organizational Startup Costs 3,000 Maintenance 500 House $50,000
Staff $30,000 Staff1 1,750 Van 10,000
Office Lease 7,000 Adoption Expenses 4,000 Water Purifier 2,000
Office Expenses 3,000 Education1 1,000 TOTAL: $62,000
Events4 4,000 Healthcare 500 Phase 1b: Lease a House
Professional Fees 1,500 Utilities1 1,000 House4 $6,000
Marketing 3,000 Transportation1 1,000 Van 10,000
TOTAL: $106,500 Clothes 1,000 Water Purifier 2,000
Household Supplies 200 TOTAL: $18,000
Professional Fees 1,000 Phase 2: Campus
TOTAL: $14,950 Land $50,000
Campus Construction 250,000
Farming Equipment 5,000
TOTAL: $305,000


1. Assumes an initial house for 12 girls.

2. Three trips for 3-5 people. Assuming we can identify volunteers for the annual assessment, this also includes their travel expenses.

3. Marketing fees include web, web design, hosting, printing, letter campaigns, printing.

4. In order to simplify the budget, this number reflects an annualized lease and will be re-entered into next year’s budget as a recurring expense if we do not raise the required funds to purchase a house. For Phase 1, we will make the decision to buy or lease based on the availability of funds. From there, the availability of funds will determine whether or not we can pursue Phase 2.

Phase 1a Total: $183,450
Phase 1a PLUS Phase 2 Total: $488,450
Phase 1b Total: $139,450
Phase 1b PLUS Phase 2 Total: $444,450
Our goals, and resulting plans for fundraising, involve fully realizing the purchase of a house and the purchase/development of a self-sustaining campus. In this scenario, the initial house will be transitioned into a safe house for abused women.