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1-3 Year View

Operating Plan: 1 Year View

Below is an overview of the operating plan for the first year, which encompasses all of the plans above and sees our vision out through the end of 2013

“Close” on the campus

Working with our local team of professionals, we plan to finalize the acquisition of enough property to fully realize the vision of a self- sustaining campus of Arpana House homes on a fully functional farm.

Begin construction on the campus

We will identify a local general contractor to help us achieve the vision of constructing a campus. Our Board and Executive Team will make the determination of how many houses can be built on the property given the available funds, and subsequently how many girls to house on the campus. 3. Expand our professional network. Additional professionals will be required to help Arpana House accomplish 2 things: build the campus, and learn how to be successful at farming in Punjab.

Deep assessment

A team will spend 2 weeks on the ground completing a deep assessment of the work to date. This will include a thorough examination of financial, a health assessment of all of the staff and families living at the house(s), interviews with all stakeholders in India, and a final analysis of all of the data. From there, we will begin to build a modified operating plan for 2014 and beyond.

Operating Plan: 3 Year View

Below is an overview of the operating plan for first 3 years of Arpana House

Continued operations

Provided all things progress according to plan, Arpana House will be operating a multi-home campus, our original house, and potentially additional houses. We envision that at this time, Arpana House will have a domestic staff of 5 to 10 individuals, managing a team of 10 to 20 house parents across 2+ locations in Punjab.

Ongoing assessment and evaluation of our model

Arpana House will always be asking questions. We will assess our results both quantitatively and qualitatively on an ongoing basis. We plan to utilize a combination of independently sponsored evaluations of our domestic organization, and a continuous feedback loop of our stakeholders in India, to modify and tweak the operations of Arpana House.

Replicate our success

Provided the house and campus are successful, the efforts of the Executive Team will turn towards using our knowledge base to build additional homes and campuses.

Establish our endowment and legacy

With 2+ years of successful operations under our belt, we will be taking the message of Arpana House to a wider audience of interested stakeholders. Our goal will be to establish a trust that has the potential to fund existing operations in Punjab, and potentially expanding homes in other states, for years to come.

Establish corporate relationships

We hope to partner with one or more corporate sponsors to further secure our future successes. We hope to leverage the marketing power of a major brand to expand the reach of our message.