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Why Arpana House?


Our mission is clear and concise.

Arpana House exists to provide homes to India’s abandoned and unwanted girls. While our mission and vision will impact others, such as staff and partners, we will not deviate from this core mission. We are not building churches, we are not changing the government, we are not starting a revolution; we humbly seek only to live the Gospel and love the unloved in a country where we see need.

The need is great, but the opportunity is greater

India’s per capita income is approximately $1,200 per year. 68.7% of the people in India live on less than $2 per day. Our currency goes a long way in a country like India. By way of comparison (and please know we personally support and encourage such efforts), a $100 donation to support a child in the U.S. for a summer camp is equivalent to the ANNUAL budget necessary to combat malnutrition or disease for 5 to 8 children in India.

The leadership seeks to be faithful.

The Executive Team and founding partners of Arpana House share a common belief in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we can simply attempt to enact a mission exemplary of the life of Jesus by caring for India’s abandoned girls, lives, communities and cultures can change for generations.