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Who We Are

Organizational Status

Arpana House is currently organized as a non- profit corporation in the State of Tennessee. Our charter was filed in December of 2012.

Arpana House is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

Arpana House is governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee. Our Board of Directors has established and ratified an Organizational Charter, and subsequently its bylaws, all of which are available for review by interested parties.

Meet the Team

Executive Team

Amanda Harris | Founder and President

Amanda is the driving force behind Arpana House and has personally recruited this team to be instruments in the Arpana House vision. During a short term mission trip to India, she witnessed the atrocities against women and girls first-hand. Upon returning from her most recent trip in October, she was convinced that something had to be done to not only give a voice to the girl’s daily struggle, but also to provide a refuge and home to India’s abandoned and unwanted girls. Amanda is passionate about seeing generational change in India, a country that she loves so much, and she is committed to being a catalyst to that change. She currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and son, where she is diligently working to make Arpana House a reality.

Eric Newsome | Executive Director

Eric brings to Arpana House the experience and expertise needed to guide the organization and be an evangelist for its mission. He co-founded and currently works in an executive capacity for Historic Images, Inc., and Evolve Systems Inc., two closely held Memphis companies that work with media organizations worldwide to preserve photographic archives. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors for J. Brooks Coffee Roasters Inc., the finance committee for Westminster Academy, and brings over a decade of corporate management experience from Fortune 100 technology companies.

Chris Harris | Secretary

Chris is currently on staff as the Operations Pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, where he oversees a multi-million dollar campus and is responsible for bringing increased focus, alignment, energy, and care to the challenge of reaching, teaching, and caring for people across all demographics. He establishes, reviews and improves operational systems and processes, provides strategic financial and organizational guidance and co-ordinates delivery of strategic initiatives and projects.

Rachel Newsome | Treasurer

Rachel holds a B.S. in Nursing, and has spent years in various nursing and research positions at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. She is currently working as the Practice Director for Medical Records Imaging at Evolve Systems, Inc. An accomplished performer, she serves in various music ministries in the Memphis area, and has served in the mission field in the Dominican Republic and Panama.


Creative Team

Josh Maze | Creative Oversight | joshmaze.com

Candace Joseph | Graphic Design | candacejoseph.com

Joe Urcavich | Videographer

Amber Fournier | Product design, Coordinator, “Merry Marketplace” (annual fundraising event)

Board of Directors

All members of the Executive Team above are current and active members of the Arpana House Board of Directors. Arpana House has identified and is preparing formal solicitations for 5 additional Directors, to be named upon acceptance.