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Expanded Mission / 3 Pillars

India’s Abandoned Girls

Arpana House currently has two homes where girls can not only survive, but thrive. One of the homes houses 12 girls along with the Director’s family and the other home houses 4 girls as well as the House Parent’s family. Our vision includes establishing safe, loving environments – each one designed to care for up to 12 girls. Our plans include provisions for private education, healthcare, and most importantly, a spiritually healthy environment where they can not only see love in action, but understand how it is possible to love and care for others.

India’s Forgotten Women

The mission of Arpana House is not, nor will it become, to fly in American experts to staff the homes and raise the girls. Change must come from within. This is why we plan to nurture Indian girls with godly Indian families. Thousands of Indian women find themselves outcast from their community because they haven’t been able to produce male children. We know there are countless among these that have a heart, passion, and willingness to partner with us to care for abandoned girls. Arpana House will give them the resources, training, and encouragement they need to be effective caregivers.

India’s Future Leaders

Arpana House will recruit and foster strong Christian men and women for this work. Our influence will impact lives, and result in new leaders being identified and called who share in our belief that gender discrimination is born of evil, and can be eradicated. We already have a network of Christian families in two main areas of India, and that group continues to grow. From this group, we will build a foundation of house parents willing to care for the girls. We will continue to recruit and train future house parents to staff new homes as our budget allows. These leaders will instill the ideology that girls are valuable for generations to come.