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We’ve done our best to answer any anticipated questions you might have, but feel free to contact us if there’s something you’d like to know!

What is the plan?

Our plan is to raise enough funds to support many houses with approved / qualified families  in India.

Where in India do you plan to start the work of Arpana House?

We have begun our work in Punjab but our hope is to increase what we are doing in many locations in India.

How did you decide on the location?

Through previous trips to India, we have established a network of Indian families who will be leaders in this work.

How much does it cost to sponsor one child?

We understand that many organizations seek to raise funds based on a per-person sponsorship model. We plan to get Arpana House to that point so that when asked “How much to sponsor a child?”, we can give a quantifiable answer to that question. In these first months of planning and acquisition, we are focused on finding a house, staffing the house with local caretakers, and “launching” the effort. To that end, we are dealing with large up-front costs, and do not have a per-person figure established at this time.

What are your current goals for fundraising?

We currently are supporting one home in Punjab and are working towards securing more homes in other states in India. Our goal is to raise 1-year’s worth of operating expenses per home. Once that goal is reached, we will continue to raise funds for additional homes.

How are you supported?

We are currently accepting donations from individuals. We are proud to say that we have been approved for “non-profit status”  – 501(c)(3) and we will continue to develop our fundraising network through grants, corporations and continue to seek interested private individuals.

Can I review your financial statements?

As we build Arpana House, our intent is to be fully transparent, and independently audited, so that you can be confident in your philanthropic choices. As we’ve only raised funds from founding board members and close friends to date, we currently have no financial statements prepared.

What is your timeline?

We conducted a survey trip in early 2013. During this trip, we began renting a property in Punjab which will meet the needs of our house parents and up to 6 girls. We will continue searching for more Indian families with the desire to rescue and care for the “unwanted”.

How prevalent is the problem of female discrimination?

Please visit http://indiafactbook.wordpress.com to view some statistics on discrimination against women, against children, fetus killing, etc.

Who are you?

We have assembled a team of business leaders, creative contributors, and experienced nonprofit veterans to bring Arpana House to a reality. Our board is comprised of 8 individuals with diverse backgrounds, varied experiences, hail from different countries, and all are passionate about the mission of Arpana House.

You've mentioned working with local Indian leaders. Is there any risk that this will continue to foster the overt discrimination(s)?

We are committed to working with leaders, male and female alike, who are convicted of the need for change, value the life and health of every human, and are passionate about ending these atrocities in India. Arpana House isn’t sparking a fire or planting the seeds for revolution; that’s been accomplished already. We are simply helping and empowering those who see the need for change in India with resources, plans, etc. through our compassionate love for children.

Where are you located?

We are located in Memphis, TN where we continue to organize Arpana House as an effort that seeks to bridge the cultures of the United States and India.

I live in the United States, where we have plenty of problems. Why should I consider giving to an organization helping children overseas?

We certainly have our plates full with helping others in the United States. But let’s face it, we deal with a lot of first world problems here in the US. Even highly developed places like India are still grappling with human rights issues that we’ve become accustomed to and expect. And our prosperity has numbed us to how rich we really are. Hundreds of dollars here get us a vacation or a nice Christmas; in places like India, it buys houses, runs orphanages for months, and more.

Can you help me adopt a child from India?

This is simply not a part of our mission at this time.

Is Arpana House a religious organization?

Arpana House is not, per our charter, a religious organization. We celebrate the fact our community of leaders represent people from diverse backgrounds and belief systems. While we encourage everyone to share their own story, embrace faith, and serve others, our organization is not specifically church-based. We are supported by people and organizations on many ends of the social, religious, and political spectra. We are united, not in our religious or political beliefs, but in our desire to see an end to gender discrimination.

What can I do to help?

Give financially.  We are raising money to open the house.  Give your time.  We need talented people to help us craft and share our message.  Give your voice.  Share our site, our resources, our story, our Tweets (@ArpanaHouse), with others.  Give your heart.  Pray for India’s girls, encourage our staff, give us your ideas.