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Mission Statement

Arpana House seeks to be a catalyst to end gender discrimination by empowering the people of India to rescue the abandoned and unwanted girls and widows in their land.

Amanda Harris walks us through the climate in India to the purpose of starting Arpana House.

During my visits to India, I realized that the only thing that separates me—or you—from this reality is circumstance. And I simply could not return to the comfort of my home and family and breath a sigh of relief… because the truth is, this shouldn’t be any girls circumstance.


The Issues

India’s culture is replete with gender discrimination. The expectation and pressure for women to give birth to male children is overwhelming. When girls are born, many times they are murdered, abandoned, or simply thrown away.

Additionally, the women are then frequently ostracized as a result. They are beaten, murdered, even burned. Many of these stories and accounts go unreported; it is simply a part of the culture, and the way “things have always been.”

We believe India can change. We believe with a problem of this scale, plagued by a level of dishonor and despair hard to comprehend, only the power of the Gospel can make a difference. We are not planting churches or building seminaries. We simply want to live the Gospel in India by taking care of those in India that have been forgotten and outcast. We will live this mission out by building homes to take in abandoned girls, train and staff these homes with Godly Indian women, and establish local leadership, thereby providing hope and opportunity.